25 Main St, 2nd Floor

(right above Supersoul Yoga)
Chatham, Columbia County, NY  12037


Connie Zilligen, RMT 

 Connie is registered by New York State as a Movement Therapist

working with a somatic discipline called

Spacial Dynamics®. She received Levels 1 and 2 Certification in Spacial Dynamics in 2001 and 2010 respectively. Her work is also informed by Core Awareness (Liz Koch's in depth work with the psoas); Nutritious Movement (Katy Bowman's work with bio-mechanics, body alignment in movement & natural movement); and Nose to Nose of North America.

She has a practice in Chatham NY.   


For more information or to book a session:

She can be reached at

(518) 751-6232 (text or call)




Do you ever feel stuck ?

Does your movement feel as if you are working against yourself ?

Do you not move like you used to ?


We’ll find those stuck spots and get you moving again.

Let's unlock your potential.

You may choose

60 minutes for $70 

75 minutes for $85

90 minutes for $100 

  Personal Gesture Discovery 

      Do you want your body to express what you hold true within you ?

Do you want to know what you are communicating with how you move?

We'll use playful exploration of the spaces in and around your body to               truly experience what different gestures and movements feel like.

           You will get to choose what ones feel right and true so YOU                                                  shine through the way you want to.

You may choose

60 minutes for $70 

75 minutes for $85

90 minutes for $100 


Are you are interested in working with spatial awareness and living attention ?

You will learn to create an expansive centeredness,

through Spacial Dynamics® Movement Exercises. 

You may then call upon what you have learned and

apply it in all areas of your life.

For this session you may choose

60 minutes for $70 

75 minutes for $85

90 minutes for $100 


You can experience a head-to-toe sequence

of hands-on Spacial Dynamics® techniques 

 while relaxing fully clothed on a bodywork table.

 Do you have pain and/or tension in your body?

Does your ability to move with ease feel constricted ?

Does stress have you feeling as if you need more breath?

 Do you simply want to give yourself the gift of letting go? 

This session is

60 minutes for $70 

If it is your first time with Enliven Movement Therapy

allow for 15 extra minutes for a check in at no extra charge.

Connie believes that we are not broken. Sometimes we get a bit disconnected from our Self or the natural supportive forces that are available to us.  

In her Enliven Movement Therapy practice she uses active listening, perception and intuition to get to the root of the disconnect.

  By using Spacial Dynamics® hands-on techniques and movement exercises, she invites and guides you to reconnect. This allows you to find more clarity and ease along with less pain in your life.

Spacial Dynamics®Sessions are:





a Bundle of Minutes*

90¢/min. for 180 min.(or more) 

*The bundle will be divided into individual sessions & is valid for 6 months.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Regularly available:

Wednesday & Thursday

8:00am -12:00pm


I:00pm - 9:00pm

Please let me know if these

times don't work for you.

We'll see what we can find.


During a Spacial Dynamics® Individual Session:

Connie will use Hands-On 

Spacial Dynamics® Techniques

and Movement Exercises

to invite You to gain a 

healthy relationship

to the Spaces around you

through Re-Patterning your movement habits.

Working with Spacial Dynamics® allows you to intentionally and actively utilize  forces leading to movement that is easeful, highly efficient, graceful, energizing, and clarifying 

in all areas of your life.