Reiki Master Healer & Teacher since 1997

*Reiki Services in the Heart of Chatham Village, NY*

 ***PLEASE NOTE: Although we have temporarily closed our physical office (until  

 we can responsibly welcome you there again), Reiki services ARE still available!! --->>> 

 For the time being, Reiki services are being delivered through "Distance Reiki" 

 Healing methods (over the phone &/or via video conferencing)... 

 So, please contact me if you're interested in any Reiki services &/or more information! 

"The Sacred Well" Reiki Sessions, Reiki Classes & Reiki Shares

I feel truly blessed & deeply grateful for the opportunity to provide Reiki energy healing Sessions &

teach Reiki (I, II & III) Classes for the last 8 & 1/2 years in Upstate NY.  In partnership with a growing community of Reiki Healers, we are playfully creating Chatham, NY as a "HUB OF REIKI HEALING"-->

So, please definitely contact me if you're interested in Reiki as a client, student &/or Healer!!  :)


I love living in Chatham Center's countryside with my partner & two kitties. I have a Master's Degree

in Social Psychology with an emphasis on Women's Studies; and my spiritual journey has included

an extraordinary 4-year Goddess Priestess group training program. In addition, I regularly

listen quietly for spiritual guidance with the Old Chatham Quaker Meeting for Worship.


Contact me to schedule (I work by appointment only) or have a conversation:

619.381.6207 (cell, text-friendly!)




(30 min from Albany, NY/20 min from Hudson, NY- right above Supersoul Yoga)



What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal Spiritual Energy.
Essentially, Reiki is Divine Love... and our Birthright!

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions — for Individuals

(*** "Distance Reiki" sessions are currently available - by phone &/or video conference. ***)

I serve my communities as a Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, empowering women and men to be

whole, embodied, passionate, fully alive beings — spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically!

My fully-clothed, hands-on (***currently only by distance***) energy healing sessions tend to focus on people’s emotional and spiritual healing & transformation, while including mental & physical well-being.

Having walked the path of deep personal healing, I powerfully guide others

to awaken, heal, expand and enliven themselves, which is truly an honor for me.

My approach is both gentle & radical– meaning, to the ROOT...

In a profoundly loving and supportive way, we powerfully get to the ROOT of whatever issues are

present & calling for healing or transformation… Or, we simply nurture and empower what is wanting

to be deepened & expanded: whether it’s a person’s experience of power, ease, aliveness,

peace of mind, connection, Self-love & care, spiritual growth, something else, or all of the above.

New Client Sessions are 90 minutes long and $100 contribution.

(*** Special arrangements available based on financial need. Contact me for a conversation.***)

Follow-up sessions are either 90 mins ($100) or 60 mins ($75), always according to my client's best interests.
(*Note: Gift certificates are also available.)

-- Testimonials from Clients --

*PB: "More relaxed than I've ever experienced."

*BA: "Wonderful, beautiful, gentle healing energy... I felt it everywhere as a full body experience with full breathing (finally!)... I didn't want it to ever end."

*JN: "I'm totally thrilled with the process... This is wicked fun and I just adore Phoenix!"
*JW: "I didn't really want it to go away. I could have stayed there forever. I wasn't thinking... I'm just existing, just being-- it's thrilling! I feel really good right now--
much less anxious AND incredibly relaxed & peaceful..."

Are you interested in receiving a Reiki Session- and you have some questions or concerns?  Feel nervous

to try Reiki, or wondering if Reiki will work for YOU?  Please give me a call at 619.381.6207, 

so I can address your concerns & answer your questions!!  :)


{ New clients for whom $100 contribution/session is just not financially feasible & therefore prohibits

them from receiving Reiki sessions with me, I offer "Reiki for The People" specials (by request only):

Please contact me directly to have a conversation about current "Reiki for The People" specials.


An Ancient Science

Reiki Classes (Levels I, II & III) — for Individuals, Pairs & Groups

(*** All Reiki Classes are currently under re-construction, for delivery via

video conference.  Please call if you're interested in learning ANY level of Reiki! ***)

Reiki is taught in 3 levels, with deepening training & increasing power at each level. I teach in a fairly organic & playful way, while customizing my classes to students' individual spiritual paths, current

intentions and personal needs. I'm committed that my students feel deeply empowered &

supported in the process of learning and exploring Reiki with me and fellow students.


Upon completion of the Reiki Level I Class (whether or not you're interested in taking Reiki II & Reiki III

in the future), you will be an initiated Reiki Healer who is directly & permanently connected to the

Source of Reiki- and empowered to channel Reiki for your own & others' healing and greatest good!!


Reiki Level I: Awaken Your Power to Heal with Your Hands!
$150 contribution (with 2+ people) -or- $200 contribution (custom 1-on-1)

--> *Next *REIKI I Group CLASS: Saturday, April 18th @12-5pm- please call if you're interested. <--

(*** This class is currently being re-scheduled for a later date.

Please call if you're interested in joining it.  ***)

Reiki Level II: Expand Your Power to Heal Across Time & Space!
$200 contribution (with 2+ people) -or- $250 contribution (custom 1-on-1)

*REIKI II Group CLASS: planned for Summer 2020- please call if you want to participate!

Reiki Level III / Reiki Master~Teacher, The Game of Mastery:
Deepen Your Power to Heal, Initiate Others & Teach Reiki!

$250 contribution (with 2+ people) -or- $300 contribution (custom 1-on-1)

*REIKI III Group CLASS: currently being planned for May or June- call me to help pick a date!

*NOTE: PRE-REGISTRATION is required, as each class is limited to a set number of students.

(If you don't see a date that works for you... or you want to take a class sooner,

please contact me to schedule a class date that's customized to YOUR schedule, intentions & needs!!)

-- Testimonials from Students --

*BA: "I'm eternally grateful that you brought me a deeper connecting to the beautiful Reiki healing energy.

You are so gifted and a wonderful teacher. Thank you for the initiation and all the wisdom you shared with me."

*LF: "I wanted to thank you for yesterday. It was a wonderful experience that has put me back on the right track."

*PM: "Best thing I've ever done for myself."


For Reiki Healers

(All Reiki Levels Welcome)

(** "Distance Reiki" Shares ARE currently happening- by phone &/or video conference. **)

Powerfully deepen your confidence, skills, and intuition... while having a really FUN time!!

All Reiki Healers will both give & receive Reiki, in custom-designed combinations.

Encouragement, support & feedback provided by at least one Reiki Master-Level Healer.

Join our monthly *WEDNESDAY EVE* Reiki Shares!

(***currently by distance - via phone &/or video conference***) 

(Held on the FIRST Wednesday eve of each month.)

Wednesday, May 6th @ 7pm-830pm

Wednesday, June 3rd @ 7pm-830pm

Wednesday, July 1st @ 7pm-830pm

($15 contribution per person for each Reiki Share) -- ***RSVPs required, as space is limited.

(*** Special arrangements available based on financial need. Contact me for a conversation.*** )


*BONUS* REIKI SHARES IN CHATHAM are also scheduled from time to time, on various days!! 

-> The next *BONUS* Reiki Share is: THURSDAY, APRIL 16TH @ 7pm-830pm. <-

($15 contribution per person) -- ***RSVPs required, as space is limited.

(*** Special arrangements available based on financial need. Contact me for a conversation.*** )

***Please contact me if you're interested in Chatham Reiki Shares on a different day of the week-

scheduled dates & times will be based on expressed interest!  Thanks!!  :)

25 Main St, 2nd Floor

(right above Supersoul Yoga)
Chatham, Columbia County, NY  12037