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Reiki Master Healer & Teacher since 1997

  * Reiki Services in the Heart of Chatham Village, NY *


 "AirDoctor professional air purifier" on site - 99.97% effective in removing the Covid-19 virus from air!  

 Small Group Reiki Classes have resumed... as well as Group Reiki Shares (for Reiki Healers of all levels) !!  

"The Sacred Well" Reiki Sessions, Reiki Classes & Reiki Shares

I feel truly blessed & deeply grateful for the opportunity to provide Reiki energy healing Sessions & teach

Reiki (I, II & III) Classes for the last 13 years in Upstate NY.  In partnership with a growing community

of Reiki Healers, we are playfully creating Chatham, NY as a "HUB OF REIKI HEALING"-->

So, please definitely contact me if you're interested in Reiki as a Client, Student &/or Healer!!  :)


I have a Master's Degree in Social Psychology with an emphasis on Women's Studies; and my

spiritual journey has included an extraordinary 4-year Goddess Priestess group training program. I love

living and communing with nature in the beautiful countryside of Columbia County, NY.


Contact me to schedule (I work by appointment only) or have a conversation:

619.381.6207 (cell, text-friendly!)



CHATHAM BODYWORK COLLECTIVE, "Taconic Place" Building, 1 Taconic Place, CHATHAM NY  12037

(30 min from Albany NY / 20 min from Hudson NY - one building south of Price Chopper on Rte 66, large sign by road)


Reiki Treatment


What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal Spiritual Energy.
Essentially, Reiki is Divine Love... and our Birthright!

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions — for Individuals & Couples

(*In addition to in-person sessions, "Distance Reiki" sessions are also available-

delivered via phone or Zoom video meeting.*)

I serve the community as a Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, empowering people to be

whole, embodied, passionate, fully alive beings — spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically!

My fully-clothed, hands-on energy healing sessions tend to focus on people’s emotional and

spiritual healing & transformation, while including mental & physical well-being.

Having walked the path of deep personal healing, I powerfully guide others

to awaken, heal, expand and enliven themselves, which is truly an honor for me.

My approach is both gentle & radical– meaning, to the ROOT...

In a profoundly loving and supportive way, we powerfully get to the ROOT of whatever issues are

present and calling for healing or transformation… Or, we simply nurture and empower what is wanting

to be deepened & expanded: whether it’s a person’s experience of power, ease, aliveness,

peace of mind, connection, Self-love and care, spiritual growth, something else, or all of the above.

New Client Sessions are 90 minutes long and $100-$150 sliding scale contribution.

((*Note: You'll simply place yourself on the scale, according to your ability to contribute.))

(*** Special arrangements available based on financial need. Contact me for a conversation.***)

Follow-up sessions are either 90 mins ($100-$150 sliding scale)

or 60 mins ($75-$100 sliding scale), always according to my client's best interests.
(*Note: Gift certificates are also available.)

-- Testimonials from Clients --

*PB: "More relaxed than I've ever experienced."

*BA: "Wonderful, beautiful, gentle healing energy... I felt it everywhere as a full body experience with full breathing (finally!)... I didn't want it to ever end."

*JN: "I'm totally thrilled with the process... This is wicked fun and I just adore Phoenix!"
*JW: "I didn't really want it to go away. I could have stayed there forever. I wasn't thinking... I'm just existing, just being-- it's thrilling! I feel really good right now--
much less anxious AND incredibly relaxed & peaceful..."

Are you interested in receiving a Reiki Session- and you have some questions or concerns?  Feel nervous

to try Reiki, or wondering if Reiki will work for YOU?  Please give me a call at 619.381.6207, 

so I can address your concerns & answer your questions!!  :)


{ New clients for whom $100 contribution/session is just not financially feasible & therefore prohibits

them from receiving Reiki sessions with me, I offer "Reiki for The People" specials (by request only):

Please contact me directly to have a conversation about current "Reiki for The People" specials.

"More relaxed than I've ever experienced." - PB
"Wonderful, beautiful, gentle healing energy... a full body experience with full breathing (finally!) I didn't want it to ever end." - BA
"Totally thrilled with the process... wicked fun!" - JN

Claire Brooks, MI



An Ancient Science

Reiki Classes (Levels I, II & III) — for Individuals, Pairs & Small Groups

Reiki is taught in 3 levels, with deepening training & increasing power at each level. I teach in a fairly organic &

playful way, while customizing my classes to students' individual spiritual paths, current intentions and personal needs.

I'm committed that my students feel deeply empowered & supported in the process of learning and

exploring Reiki with me and fellow students.


Upon completion of the Reiki Level I Class (whether or not you're interested in taking Reiki II & Reiki III

in the future), you will be an initiated Reiki Healer who is directly & permanently connected to the

Source of Reiki- and empowered to channel Reiki for your own & others' healing and greatest good!!

Reiki Level I: Awaken Your Power to Heal with Your Hands!
$150-200 sliding scale contribution (group class) OR $200-$300 sliding scale contribution (private or off-site class)

REIKI I CLASSES (Small Group & Private)- call to inquire about all upcoming classes!! :)  

Reiki Level II: Expand Your Power to Heal Across Time & Space!
$200-250 sliding scale contribution (group class) OR $250-350 sliding scale contribution (private or off-site class)

* REIKI II CLASSES (Small Group & Private)- call to schedule a class or with any questions. :) 

Reiki Level III / Reiki Master~Teacher, The Game of Mastery:
Deepen Your Power to Heal, Initiate Others & Teach Reiki!

$250-300 sliding scale contribution (group class) OR $300-400 sliding scale contribution (private or off-site class)

* REIKI III CLASSES (Small Group & Private)- call to schedule a class or with any questions. :) 

*NOTE: PRE-REGISTRATION is required, as each class is limited to a set number of students.

(If you don't see a date that works for you... or you want to take a class sooner,

please contact me to schedule a class date that's customized to YOUR schedule, intentions & needs!!)

<< Text or call me @619.381.6207. >>

-- Testimonials from Students --

*BA: "I'm eternally grateful that you brought me a deeper connecting to the beautiful Reiki healing energy.

You are so gifted and a wonderful teacher. Thank you for the initiation and all the wisdom you shared with me."

*LF: "I wanted to thank you for yesterday. It was a wonderful experience that has put me back on the right track."

*PM: "Best thing I've ever done for myself."

Open Hands


For Initiated Reiki Healers (All Levels Welcome)


Powerfully deepen your confidence, skills, and intuition... while having a really FUN time!!

All Reiki Healers will both give & receive Reiki, in custom-designed combinations.

Encouragement, support & feedback provided by Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, Solène Phoenix Grace.

 Our monthly *In-Person* WEDNESDAY EVE Reiki Shares

(Held on the FIRST Wednesday eve of each month.)

 --> WEDNESDAY, MAY 1ST @ 6:15-8:00PM <--

 (*NOTE: 6:15-6:25 relaxed arrival // Reiki Share Circle starts promptly at 6:30pm & ends at 8pm.) <--  

** RSVPs required for all Reiki Shares, as space is limited - Text or call me @619.381.6207. **

$20 contribution per person.  (And, no one is turned away for lack of funds.)

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